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We at Global Specialty Ingredients through research and development, are committed and passionate in helping customers to provide innovative ideas and solutions on product innovation by bringing revolutionary innovation ideas and skills to a sustainable level.

Our innovations are backed by decades of experience and extensive knowledge of innovation by listening to and collaborating with our customers.

Development of Product and Capability Spectrum

GSI have a variety of ingredients and capabilities that can help you with your product development innovation and knowhow on process technology which can help you achieve your expectation.

Our Value Proposition

We offer a unique value proposition that differentiates us from our competitors. Our approach is customer-centric, and we focus on providing the best possible services and products.

Research & Development​

Product Development, Food or Recipe Formulations, Raw Material Variations, Formula Costing​

Project Management​

Technical Feasibility, Technology Assessment, Turnkey Project, Plant and Machinery Execution​

Process Development & Improvement​

Technical Feasibility, Technology Assessment, Turnkey Project, Plant and Machinery Execution​

GSI Shared Values

We share common values. These values guide our actions and help us work together as a team. We believe in being honest and working together to solve problems.


“GSI employees are the heart of our business “


“Thinking Out of the box”

Product Performance

“Continuous cycle of improvement”


“Integrity and positive thinking “

Customer Satisfaction Survey

“Identify customer hidden opportunities”

Innovation Wheel

The innovation wheel is a model that helps GSI to increase innovation by implementing a systematic process approach for innovation.

This process helps GSI to recognize areas of potential discovery, improvement, and strength.

Our Cutting Edge Solutions

Our extraordinary ingredients are product of technical expertise, meticulous research and innovation of listening to and working with our customers.

Awards & Achievemnts

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